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It’s Time to T.A.L.K.

Sex trafficking is a Canadian issue and our nation knows it. New research* reveals that 74 per cent of Canadians believe that sex trafficking is prevalent in Canada. Despite this fact, more than 70 per cent admit they have never had a conversation with a friend or family member about protecting themselves against sex trafficking. In fact, only 15 per cent of Canadians feel confident in their knowledge about the issue to start a conversation. Traffickers exploit this lack of education and awareness to target unsuspecting youth and ensure their crimes go unnoticed in our communities.

To mark National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on February 22, The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking (The Centre) is sharing information to help all Canadians “talk the T.A.L.K.” and facilitate crucial conversations around sex trafficking, especially with young people. The downloadable resource, created in consultation with survivors of sex trafficking, is called “It’s Time to T.A.L.K.” – which stands for Teach Yourself About the Issue; Approach the Conversation with Care; Listen and Adapt; and Know There is Help.

Download the complete “It’s Time to T.A.L.K.” document here.

We are grateful to everyone who contributed time, knowledge and expertise to this campaign. A special thank you to our advisory group, including, but not limited to:

Alexandra Stevenson, founder of The Laughing Survivor; Krystal Snider, Executive Disruptor at Collaborative Community Solutions; and Gracia Younes (Human Trafficking Survivor, sexual exploitation psychosocial caseworker, community organizer, and human trafficking expert/consultant).